Dream Big. Build Bigger.

There is no BOX.

Who is Secret Samurai?

Secret Samurai is an art production and solution engineering team.

We are a diverse network of artists, scientists, innovators and makers who produce ‘engagement art’ installations across all spectrums.

Our projects range from interactive art installations in the ocean, to large-scale mobile art builds, to a private sculpture that tells the story of someone’s life.

We also make a killer cocktail.

Mission & Methodology

We Only Do Mind-Blowing Builds.

What’s it like to work with Secret Samurai?

We only work on projects we love— and we love all projects we work on.

We start by helping crystalize the challenge and goal outcome for our clients, and then design art-based solutions using the best contexts and mediums for the job.

We use experience as a language and pattern-interrupts to draw people into a childlike state, which is where people's best collaboration, innovation and performance emerge.

The rest is our secret sauce.

Once design phase is complete, we build fast to leverage momentum.

And then we get to the next fun thing.

Our mission is to explore the application of play to solve any challenge.

It’s a really fun mission.

And it gets amazing results.

Our Projects

Every project is a unique story experience.

To avoid limiting the scope of possibility and solutions to any of our past projects or mediums, we share our portfolio with clients only after initial conversations.

We value our clients privacy, and work with private, commercial as well as government entities to design art-based solutions to everything from “shock and awe” marketing builds that trigger tribe-like public followings, to solving complex global and social challenges through art, innovation and play.

We also have a few epic designs of our own up our sleeve, if you’re looking for a project that will seriously rock the world.

Current Project (2016-2017)

The BVI Art Reef

See how we used engagement art to solve a series of environmental and community challenges in the British Virgin Islands this year, by combining art, ocean conservation, world history, science, education and economic impact:


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